Tips for Trucker for Driving During a Snowstorm

The sunny days can be termed as the best days for truckers. When the snow begins to fall, they must be extra careful and significantly reduce speed. It is much more difficult to drive through a snowstorm. Visibility becomes poor, and the road becomes slick. 

Sometimes the road can be covered with so much ice that the driver cannot tell where the road shoulders are. It becomes harder to drive even for the most experienced truck drivers. Here are tips to help you drive safely during a snowstorm.

Keep some extra distance

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It is harder for a truck to stop during a snowstorm. The visibility of the vehicles ahead is also poor. You require a greater stopping distance if the need arises. For your best safety, keep enough distance between you and the vehicle ahead. 

If unpredictable situations suddenly happen, you will have ample stopping distance and will not crash into the vehicle ahead. You may likely be held responsible if you crash into a vehicle from the rear side. 

Keep the headlights turned on

Visibility is usually poor during a snowstorm. The drivers ahead and behind should be able to see your vehicle even in the worst snowstorm. The entire vehicle could be covered by snow and look white, but the lights will warn other motorists of an oncoming vehicle. 

Check the lights of the vehicle ahead and keep a safe distance. If the truck’s lights are faulty, it would be safer to look for a safe place and park if you are near a city or town. The probability of an accident happening is higher during a snowstorm. If it happens, seek legal help from truck accident lawyers

Maintain a low speed

It is almost impossible to stop a truck when driving through a snowstorm. No matter the amount of pressure you might have to deliver fast, do not speed. Slick roads lead to less traction, making it harder to turn or stop. Avoid sudden acceleration because it can cause severe skids.

When your truck skids, do not panic or apply sudden brakes. Ease off the brakes and steer to the opposite direction of the skid. Be ready for a second or third skid until to gain control of the vehicle again. 

If possible, avoid driving during a snowstorm

If a snow storm arrives while you are driving in the open countryside, you may want to continue driving due to your safety. In such a situation, remember to observe the safety measures while driving. There are other situations where you can observe the weather and predict a snowstorm before starting your journey. 

The weather department may announce a serious snow storm warning. It is better not to start your journey. Delay it until the situation eases off to start your journey. Due to the higher probability of accidents happening during a snowstorm, carry with you contacts of accident attorneys just in case you might need to contact them. 

Inspect your truck thoroughly

Make sure the condition of your truck is perfect when driving through a snowstorm. You may want to stop and inspect your vehicle. Check if the tires have the right pressure. Low pressure makes the vehicle harder to control and consumes more fuel. Inspect the lights to ensure they are working and not covered with snow. Test the brakes to make sure they are working well.