The Most Common Types of Construction Site Accidents

Working a construction job has a set of risks that you should prepare for. Unfortunately, construction managers and companies also prepare for eventual on-site injuries. As a construction employee, you should come prepared for any accidents that could cause severe damage. 

Understanding the most common types to prepare for on-site accidents is important. In addition, understanding what potential lies ahead of a job can help mitigate any inherent risk. Here are the most common types of construction site accidents. 

Working at heights

Trades such as roofing, electrical, and insulation have a higher risk of sustaining severe injuries or fatalities when working at heights. This is because construction workers who work these trades rely on the equipment and infrastructure provided by management or other teams. 

If a building has structural integrity flaws or the fall arrest equipment is not up to standard, this can lead to falling while working at heights. Unfortunately, construction workers who work at heights can only do so much to prevent accidents. Therefore, if you have experienced this accident, contact Broward Personal Injury Lawyers to get legal advice on how to handle this case.

Management negligence

Construction project management tries to handle projects at a lower cost by cutting corners or even neglecting safety principles. As a result, some trade workers might be forced to work under unsafe conditions while under pressure, increasing the risk of accidents. At the same time, management might fail to conduct regular safety checks to determine whether it is still safe to work. 

This management negligence can cause different types of accidents that could have been mitigated. Construction workers that suspect that their safety could have been compromised by management can seek legal assistance before or after an incident. In Florida, you can contact Fort Lauderdale Accident Lawyers at Madalon Law to handle a management negligence case. 

Heavy equipment accidents

Forklifts, bobcats, graders, and other heavy equipment are commonplace on a job site. Due to a shortage of licensed heavy equipment operators, construction companies could ask inexperienced and unlicensed employees to operate this machinery. Accidents caused by heavy equipment have severe ramifications on the livelihood of victims.

Getting legal assistance is imperative if you were coerced into operating heavy equipment without proper training or certification and caused an accident. On the other hand, you could be injured by heavy equipment on-site, whether a licensed or unlicensed colleague operated it. Whatever your case may be, search for Attorneys Near Me on USAttorneys.com to get the legal assistance you need.

Power tool injuries

Most power tools seem easy to use, and even an accident caused by electrical construction equipment does not cause severe damage at times. However, some power tool injuries are severe and might paralyze construction workers operating or bystanders. Power tools like nail guns, jackhammers, and hammer drills are hazardous. 

In some countries and states, you need a license to operate a nail gun because of its danger. Being injured on the job by power tools potentially has severe ramifications down the line. You might even be bedridden for quite a while. Getting compensated for these injuries goes a long way toward covering bills caused by an on-site injury.

Get legal assistance for construction site accidents

After sustaining injuries from an accident on a job site, getting legal aid is very important. Construction companies might try to settle and offer a fraction of what you are entitled to. 

The settlement might not even cover the basic medical care required to recover from the injuries. Therefore, document the incident, and gather evidence and witnesses to build a compelling case. Then, approach an attorney and reveal all pertinent details that can get you a fair settlement. Work accident attorneys are experienced in handling construction site accidents and will help you fight for what you’re entitled to.