How to Get Rid of Fine Lines and Wrinkles Naturally

Nobody wants to see folds or wrinkles in the skin. Unfortunately, though, as you age, the skin produces less of the proteins collagen and elastin. Your face is more likely to develop pronounced wrinkles from environmental exposure and toxins. 

There’s no real reason to dread them, though, as they are a natural part of aging. From the age of 25, the first signs of aging start to manifest on the surface of the skin. However, there are some natural ways to get rid of fine lines and wrinkles and achieve your skin health goals. 

Massage the facial skin

Massage is one of the oldest forms of remedial therapy and the Gua sha technique from Nue Glow is something that goes back to traditional East Asian medicine. It’s about using a tool to rub the skin on the face and other areas of the body. The traditional Chinese skin treatment uses a scraping technique on the skin. As a natural therapy, it improves blood circulation and reduces inflammation and pain.

You can apply some oil on the skin and then use the gua sha until it raises a red rash just under the surface f the skin. On the face, you use a bit less pressure than on other parts of the body as the facial muscles are thinner. 

Better circulation reduces inflammation, reduces skin puffiness on the face, and increases collagen production. If you don’t like the idea of botox, this is a cool natural alternative and does a great job in reducing wrinkles and rejuvenating a tired-looking face. 

Cut out smoking

Many people don’t realize that smoking can age the face prematurely. It is bad for your health for many reasons. In a fascinating study, the faces of 79 pairs of identical twins were compared. One out of the set of all the twins had a smoking habit and the other one didn’t. 

The striking differences in their faces showed without a doubt that smoking affects the condition of the facial skin, drying it out and producing fine lines. Even secondhand smoke can damage your skin and can increase the risk for cancers and other diseases. 

Wash your face

It is never a waste of time to take those extra few minutes to wash your face at night. Your skin absorbs a lot of the makeup you leave on your skin overnight. This contributes to the oxidative stress your skin faces as most cosmetics contain harsh chemicals. So taking the extra time to wash your face nightly can never be a waste of time. Vigorously scrubbing your face should be avoided as you don’t want to stretch your skin. 

To make sure you have a clean face for the night and to avoid fine lines and wrinkles, wash with a gentle, natural cleanser. Apple cider vinegar has long been known as a natural beauty ingredient and facial cleanser. 

Up your antioxidants

More than any other organ in your body, your skin is exposed to oxidative stress. Just by going through your daily routine, your skin can be damaged. Oxidative stress damages your cells and antioxidants help fight the damage. You can purchase a wrinkle cream or sunscreen enriched with antioxidants. 

To get that antioxidant boost for your skin, there are many other means to try. By eating a diet rich in blueberries, kale, grapes, and kidney beans, you can reduce the signs of premature aging and get healthy, radiant, youthful skin that will be admired by everyone. 

Avoid ultraviolet light

The cause of many wrinkles on your face and neck is too much ultraviolet light. Too much sun exposure is, in fact, the most common cause of skin damage and wrinkling. There are steps you can take to lessen the degree of exposure you get to the sun. 

The sun can’t be and shouldn’t be completely avoided as we need it for vitamin D and to boost our moods. However, long sessions outdoors without a hat and without sunscreen will add wrinkles quicker to your face than you’d like.