Five Interesting Part-Time Jobs to Make Quick Money in 2022

You may have to take a smaller salary with a part-time job but they come with many perks. There are many advantages to having a part-time job and one is having spare time to pursue other interests. 

There are many people who work a day job plus a part-time job to make additional quick money. The best, most interesting part-time jobs have an ideal mix of flexible hours to work, high wages, and a chance to expand and earn more.

Semi-truck drivers

When deciding on a career as a semi-truck driver, you can expect your job to last. This is according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics who recognizes the demand. Generally speaking, semi-truck drivers can earn well. If you do your research, you see that there are some cities and states that are particularly looking for workers to fill this role. A semi-truck driver has an interesting job being outside an office environment. 

They transport all kinds of goods and essentially live a life on the roads. Some semi-truck drivers work locally while others travel across the entire country. Being on the road so often makes you vulnerable to accidents and semi-truck accident lawyers have their hands full sorting out the wrecked lives of accident victims. Accident lawyers represent all those who have been victims of major semi-truck accidents. 

Warehouse duties

Working part-time in a warehouse can be an exciting opportunity these days. Warehouses have retrenched many workers and high-wage part-time workers have a fabulous opportunity to benefit from great perks with each warehouse job. 

These warehouse jobs come with benefits such as flexible working hours, high-paying hourly rates, and opportunities for growth. With the skills you have, look for a position that matches your skills, such as truck operators, packers, replenishing stocks, shipping clerks, and others. 

Food delivery services

The food delivery service grew in leaps and bounds when the pandemic broke out and its introduced a new way of ordering food that will never return to the way it was. Food delivery apps have made it so that drivers can complete ever more tasks in less time. 

Orders are executed through websites and mobile apps. While the base salary of food delivery drivers isn’t particularly good, people who have done the job say you can make some great extra money from tips. This can ultimately mean a high-wage job as a food delivery courier service where restaurants and stores deliver food to consumers. 

Part-time online teaching

Apart from a massive workload, teachers put in lots of hours to teach children. It’s a thankless job these days with undisciplined, threatening children. Many teachers look at the benefits of part-time teaching online.

As a remote teacher, online teaching jobs from home can be a mix of in-person and online instruction. Elementary school teachers to college teachers are finding that part-time teaching is regarded as one big career move for them. Online teaching is well established now across all academic levels and teachers are finding excellent online teaching opportunities. 

Taxi driver or shuttle service

People have to get places. Some people are stressed out of their wits as their car is being repaired and they have no one to get them to the office, to the airport, or to visit their ailing family member. Using your driving skills to drive people around when you have a break from your own job can be a huge money-spinning idea for you. 

You can work for a transport company but better still is if you can use your own car as a taxi. According to Accident lawyers, you should do your shifts with discipline as that’s the first big requirement employers have. It can be a part-time job that is so popular it becomes a full-time job. You can work all hours too. 

Many people, if they are prepared to be vetted, can even join a service that drives school kids around. Working with kids can bring you in some much-wanted extra cash, more so if you have some childcare experience.