Ideas for Throwing an Awesome Home Party for Office Friends

If you’re planning on throwing an awesome home party for office friends, send out your party invites early. When your friends receive their invites, you want them to get the idea that plenty of fun awaits them. Whatever your reason is for throwing a home party for office friends, there are one or two exciting things you can do to ensure it goes off with a bang. 

Introduction to the real thing   

A casino theme party promises to be loads of fun and brings everyone together for an evening of riveting casino-themed games. The invites with a casino theme will have already created much anticipation. You can offer plenty of finger foods as your guests try their hand at poker, card games or betting games with dice. 

Certainly, something that will bring your casino theme party alive is to invite each friend to visit Vegas casino online to sign up and play one or two games as inspiration. VegasAces offers a great variety of games, cool bonuses and promotions and awesome customer services. You can always find expert advice and information and trust them to provide players with a safe, trusted, thrilling gaming experience.

Hire a Jukebox

You’ll want just the right vibe for your office friend’s party and when you start getting your music playlist together, you’ll want to get your guests romantic, nostalgic, talkative or dancing. You know them all pretty well. John is always throwing around his knowledge of Bob Marley, while for someone so young, Meghan is always raving about classical music

So your playlist will need to include a bit of everything to suit your eight office friends. A cool idea for your party is to hire a jukebox that always comes with a good selection of music hits from the 60s to modern hits of today and will keep everyone tapping their feet throughout the event.

Dine al fresco

Whether you’re going to have everyone sitting down at a table or you’re opting for casual chairs and rugs outside, there’s a huge choice of chic lanterns, parasols and tableware to make the most of eating al fresco. If it’s a special occasion you celebrate with office friends, everything becomes more festive with bubbly. 

There are so many ways to make your garden the perfect venue for casual evening dining. Plus, if you pull this office party off the right way, it’s a sure-fire way to get yourself known as a party organizer, and who knows, it could take you in another direction in terms of a new career. 

Chocolate fountains 

If you’re willing to splurge a bit to really impress your office friends, just about everybody adores chocolate. With these popular fountains, the chocolate spills over at the top of the fountain and goes smoothly down over tiers to the bottom. On a table, these fountains look like a majestic wedding cake standing there. 

Around the fountain, an assortment of delectable morsels is placed, which can be dipped into the chocolate for a sensational eating experience. The fact that you can dip any of your favorite snacks in warm melted chocolate means they are highly sought after at many functions. Apart from white and brown chocolate, you can also opt for colored chocolate to suit a particular theme you have in mind. 

Escape room

This is an unusual and enthralling game to play with your office friends. It’s made more exciting if you have a small room in your home, such as a laundry room or pantry. Everyone taking part in the game is ‘trapped’ inside the room. They are given some cryptic clues and are given an hour to solve the clues and escape out of the room.

It builds camaraderie and reveals some surprising characteristics of your colleagues. Obviously, there is food and drinks afterward to calm everyone down where everyone can chat about the activity.