How Real-Time Data Sharing Empowers the Sales Teams?

Today’s customers have many ways to access information, and a traditional sales approach will no longer help close deals. Modern salespeople must integrate real-time data, their company value, and useful insights that might solve a customer issue in their meetings. The “evolved sellers strategy” is adopted by 40% of top industry leaders who control most of the market. 

Refined selling strategy 

The concept of real-time data sharing has been gaining high popularity in the past few years as businesses now rely upon it to approach customers. According to a survey, nearly 28% of business-to-business sellers feel an advanced and well-evolved approach with a surprise element is necessary to close a deal successfully. 

Evolving in in-person sales means equipping the sales team with the necessary technology and training to impress the customer in every way. Groopit data sharing for sales teams help businesses overcome this obstacle with little to no effort with their advanced crowdsolving solutions. The salesman can help the customer evaluate the benefits and the losses if the customer misses making the purchase using this real-time data. 

Providing accurate insights 

Modern customers are eager to buy from a service that helps them learn, offers them something new, and is cost-effective. Providing the right insights to them is mandatory to collaborate with them and gain their trust in purchasing a product or a service. 

Traditional businesses often have a fear of automation and rely on loyal employees to manage everything manually. Evolved salespeople approach them with accurate real-time proof on how process automation works and why a CRM or other advanced software is necessary to take their business to the next level gaining a significant customer for their company. 

Price optimization 

Prize optimization plays a major role in selling a product to the customer, and a single salesperson alone cannot decide on price optimization. The management team, the marketing team, and sales personnel should work hand in hand to determine the exact customers they target and decide upon the maximum discounts they can offer. 

Data analytics and real-time data about the customer’s growth and economic status are vital in determining the exact target customers. Prize optimization gets done after deep research on how profitable the venture would be for the company selling the service. Such insights are valuable to the salespeople who approach the customer for price negotiation. 

Showcase proof of success 

Another major plus point of real-time data analytics is showing the current and existing success in the industry. All data has a shelf life, and it is hard for salespeople to cash on brand name alone and sell using an age-old case study. On the other hand, real-time proof of competitors using the product to gain more profits lures several companies to purchase. 

Evolved sellers use the proof of success with various before-after comparison charts and visual and textual anecdotes instead of just numbers. Visually aesthetic evidence in presentations often acts as an awe factor for the customers enabling the salespeople to close the deal successfully. 

Get clarity on the focus area 

Real-time data sharing clarifies areas where performance is lacking, and the management takes steps to overcome them using business improvement strategies. Real-time data on when and where a company’s salesmen are, the time they finish deals successfully, and the time they lag back help companies in various ways. 

They plan training for salespeople during dull times and hire more temps to sell more during peak periods. Analyzing the real-time data helps the companies understand the issues salespeople face and focus on problematic areas like a slow quarter or an area with no customer to increase sales.