5 Ways to Improve Your Relationship with Your Boss

Productive relationships between bosses and their employees is the key to company success. The relationship with your boss is crucial because they control your progression and success in the company. 

The more your boss knows about you, your goals and your work ethic, the better your relationship is likely to be. A healthy relationship of mutual respect can not only enhance your productivity and your morale, but it can also boost your career. 

1. Take initiative

Every CEO or manager wants motivated employees. Taking an innovative and proactive approach to projects will impress them. Don’t be afraid to volunteer for new projects. Show your enthusiasm and your boss will know that you’re not just showing up for work because you have to. 

When you add value to the company, you will be appreciated. When you show that you’re invested in growing with the company, it will inevitably result in a better relationship. 

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2. Arrange appropriate times to communicate

Communicating with bosses doesn’t mean interrupting them constantly. It means structuring appropriate times for conversations. A properly scheduled meeting with a time limit shows respect for their schedule. You can then focus on the topics you want to discuss, such as the status of current projects, and check in to make sure you’re on track with what your boss expects. 

Open communication is a two-way street and your relationship will develop when you can voice your perspective on some issues. Remember that you were hired for your skillset and your perspective may be exactly what your boss is looking for, even if it differs from theirs. 

3. Have a positive work ethic

Having a positive work ethic can indirectly improve your relationship with your boss. When you’re working remotely and personal interaction with a boss is limited, your performance review needs to show how hard you’re working, even when you don’t have any physical supervision. This will reassure your boss that you have the company interests at heart. 

Your work ethic should extend to the way you prepare for meetings or presentations. If you come with well-thought-out ideas and make a positive contribution, you will come to be known as a valuable team member. 

4. Ask for feedback

Asking for feedback shows your boss that you’re open to recommendations about how to improve. It shows you’re genuinely invested in your work and want to know what you can do to contribute to the success of the company. 

When you receive feedback, it’s important to listen attentively and take notes as this shows you value what’s being said and intend to implement recommendations. You’re not just requesting feedback to make yourself look good. When you show you’re open to input from others in order to grow and progress, your boss is more likely to consider you for promotion.

5. Communicate about goals

Both your boss and you will have certain goals and it can further your relationship if you communicate openly and honestly about them. Knowing their vision for the company and what they intend to achieve can give you insight into how you can align yourself with this to achieve your own goals. 

Sharing information needs to go both ways and making your boss aware of your goals and how they fit with the company goals can make a difference to your relationship and the advancement of your career.