What to Do if You Injure a Motorcyclist with Your Car?

Injuring a motorcyclist with a car can be fatal at times and cause severe issues due to the high impact of the collision. The motorcyclist might face serious injuries, and their costly bike might get damaged, costing thousands of dollars to get it fixed. The car owner should be ready to face legal issues and monetary compensation if it is their fault. 

Help the injured person 

Getting into an accident is probably the worst thing that could happen to anybody. Car and motorcycle collisions have a high injury rate and cause severe damage to both vehicles. If you are in such a situation, calm down and assure yourself the law will always help you as this is not an intentional crime. 

Help the injured person and call the police and an ambulance in the first place, which will prove you are not trying to run away. Visit USattorneys.com and get in touch with professional accident lawyers in your area who will guide you in every step regarding the legal proceedings. Having an expert at your side will help you face the court proceedings with renewed confidence. 

Check vehicle damage

Check the damage of both the vehicles and take a picture on your smartphone if necessary. Note the license plate number of the motorbike, the make and model of the motorcycle. The motorcyclist might claim they used a different high-end model vehicle if there isn’t enough proof from your side. 

Ask the name of the injured motorcyclists and other details if necessary. Check the damage to your vehicle and determine whether auto insurance will cover the repairs. Try to rethink the accident situation calmly to decide whether or not it was your fault. Such minute details will help when you file a personal injury claim from the insurance company. 

Gather witness details 

Get the help of witnesses in the area who noticed everything or a pedestrian who saw the accident. Ask for their contact details and request them to be your witness during the legal proceedings. Ask the name and badge details of the police officers dealing with the case. 

Providing these details to your accident attorney will make it easy for them to direct the legal proceedings in your favor. They will contact the witnesses and the officer to get first-hand details on what happened. They might be able to gain points that support you in the legal proceedings from such conversations.

Call the police 

You might feel guilty and stressed to face the police if you caused the accident. But remember, the word accident itself means it is not a crime done intentionally. Maintain your poise, and be rest assured a good attorney would be able to handle the case easily without causing much harm to you. Call the police and cooperate with them in all their formalities to create a good impression.

If possible, keep your attorney as your spokesperson while dealing with the police proceedings, as they will prevent you from saying unwanted things. Get the necessary proof from the police to prove the motorcyclist’s fault, if any, and get it in writing, which will help claim insurance easily. 

Discuss insurance with a lawyer 

Once you get into a car accident, you are likely to suffer physical injuries, lost wages, face legal trials, and pay substantial medical bills. Personal injury claim or health insurance from the insurance companies is essential to meet the monetary issues. 

An accident attorney has good experience dealing with insurance companies trying to put off such cases with minor compensations. They will help you fight against such companies to get your due payment in a brief period to help you get the best medical treatment. Always discuss with your attorney regarding chances of flat denial of the claims and eliminate possibilities for it to occur.