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How Lack of Sleep Drops Your Productivity Levels and Make You Inefficient

If you find it difficult to sleep at night, it can have many negative consequences in different areas of your life. Perhaps you find it difficult to fall asleep or you find yourself waking up during the night and unable to get back to sleep. 

You may sleep for enough hours but not experience good quality sleep. The following results of a lack of sleep reveal just how important sleep is for you to be most productive.   

Excessive daytime sleepiness

Having less sleep at night means you will probably feel sleepy during the day. It will take mental effort to try and stay awake. Paying proper attention to anything becomes more difficult when you don’t get enough sleep. If you work in a risky job, you could make errors that compromise your safety. In some professions, impaired reaction times may result in not responding quickly enough to client concerns or missing important phone calls. 

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Memory problems

While your body is resting, your brain is busy processing information from the day and consolidating your memories. Your memory is compromised when you don’t get enough sleep. It appears that both short-term memory and immediate recall are affected. Studies showed that sleep-deprived mice developed more deposits of a protein called beta-amyloid in the brain. This protein is linked to a decline in memory in the human brain.     

There seems to be a two-way street between memory and sleep because the quality of your sleep may affect your memory, and the brain changes that cause memory problems may disturb your sleep.

Problem-solving difficulties

Not only do you accomplish less in terms of volume of work when sleep deprived but the quality of the work you do suffers too. This is because a lack of sleep affects the prefrontal cortex of the brain. 

You are unable to process information effectively, which affects your ability to solve problems. You’re unlikely to be innovative or come up with creative ideas and will usually just go through the motions rather than looking for ways in which you could be more productive.  

Physical health problems

There are many studies that show the connection between a lack of sleep and poor physical health. Sleep deprivation suppresses your immune system so you are not only more likely to get sick if you don’t sleep enough but you have less ability to fight an illness if you get sick. This will affect your work productivity as you are likely to take more sick days. 

More troubling are the health problems that can develop due to long-term sleep deprivation. When long-term sleep disorders are not treated, they are associated with many serious diseases, such as obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, and stroke. 

Strained working relationships

Lack of sleep can have a profound effect on your state of mind. Not having enough sleep can make you irritable, moody and less tolerant of your coworkers. Your emotional reactions are amplified and this can cause you to overreact at an inappropriate time if you’re in a stressful situation. 

Problems with coworkers often result in inefficiency because teamwork and good communication play a significant role in most work environments. It also contributes to a lack of job satisfaction and can hinder professional success.