How Do Burglars Target Homes to Break Into?

Burglars target homes to steal after careful observation, which they usually call casing the home. They go around the street several times, taking pictures of the house, observing the surroundings closely. 

They note the camera positions, ways to escape if someone shows up, and select wealthy homes which will have numerous things for them to steal. 

Wealthy and isolated neighborhoods 

Burglars look for wealthy neighborhoods as they have large houses, each isolated from the next one. They target wealthy homes because they will have a chance to loot many valuable items in the first place. The bigger the house is, the more chance the burglar has to hide if someone shows up unexpectedly. 

Hence, wealthy houses or villas in isolated regions should take all steps to protect their homes with high-end alarm systems. Alamosmarthome.com is the top among the home security companies San Antonio has and provides automated home security solutions for individual homes. 

Limited security measures 

Burglars target homes with less or nil security and enter the house when the owner is away on work or vacation. They do their research to determine the exact commuting times of certain people and enter the homes stealthily as soon as the owner drives away. 

They jog, linger around in their vehicle, tap on the door in the pretext of a stranger asking for help and check the security settings of the home. Homes with very little security like just lock and key, no alarm, or CCTV cameras are quite inviting to them. 

Burglars train to pick locks with expertise in no time, and they quickly take advantage of the homeowner’s failure to protect their home cleverly with modern security devices

Many places to hide around the house

Burglars select houses with comfortable places to hide in the surrounding. It is better to trim the garden and clear away the bushes regularly to prevent the thieves from hiding in them. 

Also, check the lock of the garage or other tool sheds as most burglars hide there, waiting to enter the house easily. Burglars often choose houses with huge fences lined by untrimmed shrubs as they provide the perfect cover to hide easily. 

They also look for houses with giant trees, houses with another empty home near them, and other places to hide or escape stealthily. They often choose a home near crossroads as they can easily confuse the chasers who don’t know which way the burglar went. 

Unoccupied houses

Burglars usually target unoccupied houses in wealthy areas as it is easy for them to break in and enter and have plenty of things to take away. It is always wise to appoint security or have workers reside in the premises to keep the house clean and provide security. 

Burglars also choose unoccupied homes because they will have ample time to stay there, monitor the neighboring houses, and plot how to enter them. 

If the camera or alarm is disabled, burglars don’t have witnesses to identify them in unoccupied houses. Besides, they can easily tackle the single old security or move stealthily inside the house without alerting the guard staying by the gate mostly. 

Easy to break in doors and windows 

Thieves look for easy ways to enter the house and leave minimal traces of breaking into the house. Hence, they choose houses with huge windows and doors without alarms. Glass doors and windows that give a great look to the home are often dangerous as they are easily breakable. 

It is essential to have a secure grill on the window and doors, which takes time to break to provide the necessary security to any home. Besides, installing motion sensors and alarms that detect intrusion will be very helpful in keeping the burglars in check.